Gallup Holding deals in the following commodities based on the client demand in the country.

- Classic Basmati White Parboiled, Steam
Super Basmati Standard White & Parboiled/Steam
- Sella Basmati Brands White, Steam & Parboiled
- 1121 Basmati Raw White Parboiled and Steam.
- 1121 White Steam and Parboiled Basmati
- 1121 Cream Steamed and Parboiled
- 1121 Golden Sella light and Golden
- Brown Raw Basmati White/Creamy Steam & Boiled
- Brown Parboiled Basmati White
- PK 386 White and Creamy Pakistani Steam & Polished
- IRRI-6 & IRRI 9 White Pakistani
- Lal 86 White Steam & Parboiled
- Egyptian and Spanish Rice
- Palm oil all kinds and Packing
- Sun Flower all kinds Raw and Refined in Packing
- Palm Olive Oil all kinds and Different Packing
- Sugar ICUMSA 45 Brazil all Packing
- Gallup Tea pack from Srilanka & Kenya (Loose & Pack)
- Gallup Tea Raw Leaf Natural black and green
- Gallup Tea Green & Slim Products in pack
- Pulses all kinds in Varieties of Packing
- Cooking Wheat Flour and Wheat Grain
- Soya been Yearly Crop with all Packing


With the completion of 5 years phase one of the company the expansion journey and operations development across the globe started for our evolving range of food products and services. By working with all International supply chain and shipping partners, Gallup Holding Co is able to service clients on every continent like (Dubai UAE, Jeddah, Riyadh, Jubail, Dammam Saudia and London UK. Recent opening of Guangzoa China with solutions and satisfaction matching the local cultural behavior and demand.


Offering quality products is the most essential and key component of our company including client satisfaction. The cornerstone of Gallup Holding Co. as a preferred supplier of raw food products is the company's commitment to qualify control and food safety. Gallup Holding works closely with the supplier/purchasers to ensure the highest standards maintained from sourcing to packaging, warehousing and till the deliveries. Gallup Holding Co. products meet strict food quality and supply guidelines, delivering the consistency and quality control standards expected by today's clientele.


Basmati Rice is Nature's Exclusive gift to Pakistan and India. None of the country land produce such rice. It is one of the most treasured grain grown in the Central Punjab and North West Pakistan. The fertile soil, fresh & cold air and sweet water from the Himalayan Ranges contributes primarily to the unique characteristics of the Basmati Grain. Natural Basmati Rice crop is the healthiest rice amongst all rice grain proven by the experts and driven from the lab tests across the world. It contains essential Folic Acid, Amino Acid and small quantity of sodium and no cholesterol with a unique taste. Throughout the history its taken the place of Royal menu of various cultures known as main dish of the party.


Over the last 8 years we import Classic Basmati and Sella from Pakistan and India under a selective and quality brand packing. Both countries producing the quality rice and meet the global requirements. Especially the Pakistani Product Classic Basmati is known and named "QUEEN OF FRAGRANCE" with its unique taste and aroma has been cultivated in Punjab Central Province. Another brand of 'PESHAWARI BASMATI' known as King of the Basmati due to the special AROMA and length.

Packing Sizes

Gallup Holding Brands are available in the economical sizes:
1 kg Poly smart Pouches / Jute bag
2 kg Poly Smart Pouches / Jute bag
5 kg Poly Smart Pouches / Jute bag
10 kg Poly Hard Pouches / Jute bag
20 kg Poly Hard Pouches / Jute bag
40 kg Jute bag Inner Poly Propylene


To achieve the market share it was decided by the management to Re-engineer the entire business and marketing synages and logos to attract more clientele and coop with the market requirements.


To cater the state of the art business it was required to re design the entire face of the company and incorporate the new demands trend. Thus achieved the result and enjoy the classic and ever memorial design.


Gallup Holding Co. holds (5) warehouses in the country with the full municipality, Defense and auto security systems provision. Major 3 warehouses are allocated for the foods (Dry and Liquid) products. Other warehouses are used for the equipment, pumps, spare parts and other non-food items.


Gallup Holding Co. holds numbers of trucks, cars, pickup, dianna, & Vans to manage and control the supply chains in the country. Wholesales are mostly dealth thru heavy trailer around cross city and other transports are used within the cities. Gallup Holding Co. have dedicated team of experts to meet the turnaround time starting from the warehouse till the delivery. The entire logistics are fully digitized and we are proud with the result and staff dedication and honesty.